Key figures
  • 9.3 billion euros in turnover
  • 6.9 billion euros paid out to punters as winnings
  • 2.2 billion euros in gross betting revenue
  • 1.1 billion euros in taxes levied
  • 731.4 million euros in net profit repaid to racing authorities
Paddy Power, a strategic partner

In order to develop its future sports betting offer, PMU has signed an agreement with PaddyPower, one of the leading European and Australian bookmakers.

Through this partnership, PMU will be working with a leading company that boasts 20 years' experience in sports betting and operates only on the markets where it has regulatory approval to do so. Paddy Power will fix odds and handle risk management for PMU. The partnership will enable PMU to offer online sports betting under its own brand name and keep control of its database management, all the while enjoying the expertise of Paddy Power in sports betting.




In 2009, PMU prepared to head in a new direction, knowing that regulation of the online gambling and betting market was in the works, for 2010. PMU will offer a full range of online betting options, in horse and sports, with the aim of consolidating its leading position in horse betting and becoming one of the leading players in sports betting.

Becoming a global operator

PMU will, from Day 1 of the deregulation, market aglobal offer online, so that its punters (37% of punters already engage in sports betting) can enjoy the broadest and most attractive range of options possible and so that it may attract new customers. PMU, which aspires to become one of the top three online players in its sector and consolidate its leading position in horse betting, will put this global offer forth under its single brand, "PMU". The PMU brand means to customers the certainty of benefiting from the company's values and know-how.

Being an economic actor

For nearly 80 years now, PMU, an economic interest group composed of 51 racing authorities, has made horse betting a mainstay in the daily lives of the French, serving and financing the equine sector. PMU offers its 6.5 million customers the opportunity to bet through its network of 10,400 sales outlets, online, over the phone, on interactive television or even via mobile telephone. In diversifying, and thereby driving sustainable growth for the equine sector, it will draw upon the strong innovative spirit and commitment.

 Consolidate its leading position in horserace betting"

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